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Look around – the future is already here…

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It’s just not evenly distributed –William Gibson

historical photomerge projects by Jo Teuwisse,

If indeed the seeds of the future are present today all around us, hiding in plain view and detected in the hindsight of a person looking back to this point, then perhaps also the complement is true: that the past is still here. That is, a person from a generation or more ago could look around our present day and would see and hear the patterns of social interaction and would recognize the play of expectations, proprieties, aspirations and restrictions still going on today. Of course, there would be other things alien or baffling to a time traveler from the past and visiting our time now. This photo project is a virtuoso software performance that juxtaposes a WWII scene in black and white with a color image from today. It is one way to visualize this jostling of past and present (and by extension jostling with the future). But how possibly could one do a photo merge experiment that shows the present day in color and seamlessly merges what is to come in a generation or two, this time in black and white.
Maybe the project could be made to express the today’s persistent elements that carry into the future, but also to pick out elements of the future that already are among us today, although they be not fully formed or in general use yet. These future things could be depicted with spot monochrome treatment so that a scene is mostly in color but also contains elements “of the future” that already are here now.



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