thinking with pictures – metaphors that let you see the subject from new angles

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ears to hear and eyes to see

Some people wish for better headphones to be more critical listeners and thereby to join the ranks of audiophiles. The same may be true of photographers: hungry for a bigger or at least more expensive device or one more richly endowed with features and user-defined settings. And yet even supposing that good gear is a “necessary but not sufficient condition” of higher abilities (think of the saying about skill vs tools, “a bad workman blames his tools”) it does not necessarily result in those more discriminating distinctions, finer awareness, wider and longer perspective of the whole and its parts that together define the expert from the intermediate or beginner on the learning curve. In other words, even if you were to get the top of the line, it does not mean that your eye will thereby improve. Learning the “hear” the light now and to anticipate where it will be next simply takes practice, obstacles to overcome, and others to engage with. Thankfully the age of photo sharing and commenting has arrived and many people freely join in with images or commentary.