thinking with pictures – metaphors that let you see the subject from new angles

Collected Photos

Selected online work

2013 On the Fulbright Specialist Program [guest blog article, American Anthropological Association]

2013 Publish at Amazon K.D.P.

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2012 Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (June-July)
Album, | Video clips | Presentations by topic

2009 Multimedia work to introduce Hokkaido University Museum, AND

1998 Social Sketches in Japan. Video interviews conducted in English in Japan with Japanese respondents of a dozen facets of social life, including family life, school life (teacher perspective, high school student perspective), temple and shrine experiences, medical care and so on.

Online products of the study tour to Korea (2005) –albums, panoramic views, comparative impressions of Japan and Korea, reading practice of Hangeul signs observed

Online albums for visual awareness of Japanese features and concepts:
Buddhism holy fire (Tendai sect), street scenes and popular culture, pilgrimage circuit, Jodo sect Daihou-ji (temple), memorializing the unborn
Buddhist installation ceremony of new priest, divided chronologically into Albums 1, 2, 3
Japanese food culture (grocery, festival, streetviews, restaurants, sources)
Japanese homes (model home park near Kanazawa) showing the transitional space between house and grounds
Morning market (farmers/fishermen) in Japan

Early photo project for Korea and Japan built from collections are the Library of Congress
Old Korea Photos,
Old Japan Photos,

Ethnographic vignettes (photo + commentary), photostream


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