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view of my "favorites" listings at

view of my “favorites” listings at

Looking at the daily catch by the editors from it seems that one of the four hooks, above, catch my attention. Sure the strong compositions, clear statements with color or texture, or distortion of extreme wide or long lens, filter or post-processing will ignite a brief spark of interest. But the ones I want to dwell on for a moment have in common one of the hooks above.
It could be the photo or video capture transparently transport me to the place. I don’t much think about the making of the image or the pleasure in reading it. Instead I want to look for a geotag or reference to its locale. On the other hand, in some cases the quality of light is what draws my eye: dark sky and bright foreground is often a surprising reverse of the normal street or landscape, for example. Or a certain quality of winter light, twilight, mixed lighting, the golden hour and its sibling the blue hour.
Still other times it is the fact that I myself have already taken a similar shot or mentally captured one and so there is a spark of recognition in seeing the image and thinking of one I have done. Alternatively when I stop at a given image, it could be that I, too, would have spotted a picture opportunity because it resonates with my interests or aspirations. So to look more closely at someone else doing what I one day wish to do can be instructive or inspirational.
By now, most times when I do a double-take and closely read a picture, I know very quickly if the appeal is something flashy, heroic technical virtuosity, or whether it is one of the hooks above: the location, the light, a deja vu feeling of seeing a shot reminiscent of my own, or one that is the kind of picture that I would like to make.


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