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Tunnel vision or sharp perception?

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screenshot for 7 March 2016,

screenshot for 7 March 2016,










A lens allows us to examine closely the things we step over or look past in the routines we take for granted. Of course this is immediately true of big telephoto shots that tightly frame a composition, or dispense with surrounding elements and relationships to give the viewer an isolated subject sans context. And macro lenses can do something similar, bringing the “unexamined life” into focus. But even normal focal length lenses (35-65mm in the scale of 35mm film camera) can heighten the picture-taker’s and the viewer’s perception by careful framing, juxtaposition, the play of light and shadow, creative foregrounding or other means to minimize distraction and sharpen (the photographer’s) vision at the instant of shutter release. Possibly even a video “snapshot” or postcard (fixed frame, but pressing the button to capture moving images instead of still image) can go beyond ordinary seeings and amplify the normal, routine vision with which one passes through daily movements among places and people. So the habit of looking for light, capturing and conveying images, and looking at others’ work, as well, is very much an exercise in purposeful seeing; not in order to accomplish some further goal, but just as it is, in the present fraction of a second.


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