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Here is an article about the connection between language acuity and vision ability: better control of language leads to better ability to envision. Perhaps the reverse also is true – the more visual experiences and spatial adventures, the better one’s handling of word distinctions?

…Lupyan and Ward conclude that language can enhance the sensitivity of visual awareness, making their participants able to detect objects that would otherwise have been hidden from view, and that this effect occurs at the earliest stages of perceptual processing, rather than at later stages corresponding to “higher” thought processes. They also propose two possible mechanisms by which this might occur. Hearing the name of the object might give the visual brain areas a head-start, so that neurons in those areas that are selective for that particular object have a competitive edge over those that respond to other objects. Alternatively, hearing object names might activate complex neural representations of a given object, which then facilitates its detection.

The researchers favour the first explanation, because earlier work suggests that the method used to suppress the images interferes with visual processes that occur before the brain can analyse the meaning of words. Regardless of how it happens, the results clearly show that language and vision can interact to influence behaviour…


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