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inverted images, the anti-photograph

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wordcloudAnother way to appreciate the things that attract one’s attention is to consider the absence of those same elements. So instead of seizing on something as ranking as significant (linguistic, cultural, social, person, local, regional, national, universal, emotional, aesthetic, etc), consider subjects and scenes lacking salience. This sort of non-photo, or anti-photo is perhaps unappealing or neutral: neither beautiful nor ugly, just plain existing. What is the object of this exercise in seeing? It is to know that one’s day is composed of moments of marked awe, wonder, or beauty – or the opposite of these, but that in-between times that is much that passes the eye invisibly; unremarked upon; taken-for-granted, or disregarded through inattention and unmindfulness.

And so by acknowledging the vast spaces of nothingness that come between the moments to attract one’s eye and to capture with one’s lens for all to see, then one can better understand the big picture. One’s day and one’s years are enriched by clear vision and careful reflection, trained by the habits of one’s lenses. But between these peak experiences there is much that is important, despite its ordinariness.


Author: gpwitteveen

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