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To see is to know; to know is to be in relationship

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This is a bit of verbal dancing, but it may carry some truth:

English ‘know’ is an all-purpose word, whereas Spanish and many other languages distinguish between ‘know a person’ or subject versus ‘know the answer’ or fact. And so the dictum “knowledge is power” can be coupled with “power corrupts” (and absolute power corrupts absolutely). The resulting chain of logic then gives “knowledge..(as basis for power) corrupts.” But then the extend this line further, there is the equivalence considered between vision and comprehension: to see is to know (a person/connecting relationship? a fact?). For example we say, “I see what you mean.” Or we say “I can’t see the point.” By this usage there is an even verbal chain of reasoning: see =know =comprehend = power =(risk of) corruption.

Photography, or “written with light” is a way to express (to others) or impress (upon one’s senses) a subject. It is a way to capture and then carry a meaning to others. We have such things as long exposures to stretch time, or time-lapse exposures to shrink time, macro lenses to bring small things into clear view, and stitching software to comprise panoramic moments frozen in time for study and wonder. This extend the daily, lived visual experience of our places, purposes, and the persons we related to. And so, to the extent that “Ah-ha, I see” is both a statement of visual acuity and simultaneously a statement of comprehending a subject, then frequent use of camera can amplify one’s experience of the social and natural arena we are connected to and seek to comprehend. You see? You know?


Author: gpwitteveen

Better Outreach is my aim. See to know more.

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