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subject – splendid isolation vs whole context story

Leave a comment for 6 May 2015 includes these images for 6 May 2015 includes these images

The appeal of a shot sometimes lies in spotlighting a subject, either by depth of field (boke), color, lighting, composition (foregrounding, silhouette, cropping, contrasting subject or design feature). But other times such a singular representation misses the important connect of subject to its context – either the visible one present contemporaneous to the shutter release, or the unseen one that an experienced eye will know to be implied in the short, medium, or long time horizon; for example, the bud implied the flower and perhaps fruit to follow. Or the old fashioned oil painting still life compositions showing wilted flowers, bitten fruit, perhaps a beetle or skull which symbolized or themselves were consequences of unstated, unseen forces and facts of life. This screenshot from the 6 may 2015 edition of shows both kinds of image – splendid isolation and whole scenes that may tell a story or at least episode unfolding, but here frozen in time.


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