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fable of eight visions

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The panorama view shows the gift shop of the train station at Sapporo, Japan on the island of Hokkaido in April 2009. To the Japanese or foreign visitor in search of a snack or a gift to bring home, the scene is well stocked and well staffed. To the day’s workers at the shop it is just another shift to do: restock the displays, tidy the selections, respond to the shoppers and perhaps keep an eye out for shoplifters. A vendor sees something different: she or he looks for the company presence within the shop and checks to see whether inventory can be extended or shelfspace be expanded. A market researcher seeks answers to the questions about who is attracted to which products and why. Among writers there are four sorts to contrast: journalist, novelist, historian, and social analyst such as ethnographer.

JR Sapporo market for local products (omiage) - 3/2009.



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